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WASM-4 Jam 2 in August

I'm pleased to announce the second WASM-4 game jam, in partnership with our friends at Wasmer!

As previously, the main goal of the game jam is to have fun and learn new things. That being said, this time around the deal is being sweetened with a $2500 prize pool!

A panel of judges from across the WebAssembly community will rate games along four categories:

  • Fun: How much you enjoyed your time playing the game.
  • Concept: How interesting or unique the main focus of the game is.
  • Polish: How well executed and presented the main focus of the game is.
  • Tech: How impressive the game is at a technical level.

The jam will run between August 12 and 21, and you can sign up on and see more details!

Our first game jam at the beginning of the year was a surprising success, with 138 signups and 44 entries. Despite WASM-4 being brand new, a lot of people turned up from various communities all interested in one thing: building small. Since the first jam, WASM-4 has added a couple features (like online multiplayer). However, the core philosophy of the project is still that when it comes to technology, often less is more. We hope you join our little community, and I can't wait to see what you build!