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WASM-4 is still very early in development, but everyone is welcome to contribute.

Community Links#

How to Contribute#

There are many ways to contribute, here are just a few ideas:

  • Build a game or experiment, we'll feature it here on!
  • Improve our documentation or write a tutorial.
  • Submit a bug report or feature request on Github.
  • Answer questions on the forums.
  • Implement support for a new tool or language.
  • Give the project a star on Github for visibility.


Here are WASM-4's goals for the future:

  • Grow and support a friendly open source community.
  • Build a lightweight native runtime in C + SDL.
  • Support bundling of native Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS applications.
  • Add a pause button and options menu to the emulator.
  • First-class support for new languages: Swift, Zig.
  • Support importing and playing music from Beepbox.
  • Improve responsiveness of the virtual gamepad on mobile.


WASM-4 was started by Bruno Garcia.

It draws much inspiration from other small computers like uxn and PICO-8, without which WASM-4 would not exist.