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Publish Your Game

Create a Publish Version#

You need a version of your game that you can publish. You'll also need a cover-image.

While your game runs in the browser, press F9 on your keyboard. This will generate a screenshot in PNG format. You can use this as a cover-image.

Now let's compile your game.

npm run build

Your game will be here: build/cart.wasm

Your Account#

Early version

The WASM-4 project is still in it's early stages. The process of submitting your game onto the website is still not finished and a little rough around the edges.

WASM-4 and its website are stored in a Git-Repo (short for Repository) hosted on GitHub.

To publish your game, you need a GitHub Account. If you don't have one already, create one. In case you already have one, login.

Forking the Repo#

Now you need to "fork" the repo. For this, go to the original GitHub Repo of WASM-4.

At the top you will find some "actions" you can take: Watch/Unwatch, Star/Unstar, Fork. The last one is what you're looking for.

Uploading Your Game#

Follow the Distribution instructions from the earlier Guides section.

Letting WASM-4 Know#

Your fork is now ready. Switch to the Pull Requests tab and press on "New pull request".

Pull Request

Add some comment if you want. And then press "Make pull request" at the bottom. You're done!

Wait a Bit#

Since this procedure is currently involving the interaction of humans, your PR (short for Pull Request) needs to be verified by a maintainer. Your PR will also cause a notification in our Discord channel to let us know sooner rather than later.

And once a maintainer approves your PR, another notification will be sent to our Discord channel.


If you have questions or if you don't want to miss when your game is added (or simply want to talk to a bunch of nice people), join us on our Discord channel.