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P1 controls: Arrows, X, Z / P2 controls: ESDF, Tab, Q

Samurai RevengeDownloadShare

Game for WASM-4 Game Jam #2. Earn the highest score in this endless-destroying game driven by greed of revenge.


Gamepad controls (EDSF or Arrows) – player movement, jump, slide

Left Mouse Click – use sword (for deflecting bullets)

Right Mouse Click – dash (allows to avoid triangular wall or jump high over solid wall)

Middle Mouse Click (scroll click) – use "slow motion"

Recent version

1.2.0 – 13-09-2022

  • added auto-jump mode,
  • added credits,
  • added stomping when in air,
  • balance gameplay,
  • fixed bugs,

Written with AssemblyScript.

Game page on

License: CC BY-NC-SA