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P1 controls: Arrows, X, Z / P2 controls: ESDF, Tab, Q

The Romans Are ComingDownloadShare

August 23, 2022

Place your troops, represented by banners, in regions to score points and gather grain, wood, stone and wine. However, if you fail to meet the (increasingly stringent) imperial decrees, Roman troops appear that you will also have to place somewhere on the map. When enemy troops are placed next to each other, combat occurs. With careful placement you can fight off the Romans for a while, but history is written by the victors. Survive as long as you can!

Controls: left mouse button.

Keyboard only controls: arrow keys to move cursor, X to place banners, hold Z and press left/right to show hints.

A submission to the second WASM-4 gamejam.

More information available on

License: CC BY-NC-SA