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P1 controls: Arrows, X, Z / P2 controls: ESDF, Tab, Q

TO THE COREDownloadShare

January 23, 2022

Play as pant ant in TO THE CORE a semi-idle game journeying to the center of the earth, and his home. Fear not for Wormie will guide you on your quest through my esoteric rules, so put your reading noggin on!

Multiplayer is automatically started when players press a button. The tutorial and extra tool info featuring Wormie is disabled during multiplayer.

Written in Zig 0.9.1, source available on

  • Update 2022-09-05: added multiplayer
  • Update 2022-01-30: added tool info


  • Z to open your tool kit

  • X to select the tool and use it!

  • Z get tool info!

License: CC BY-NC-SA