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P1 controls: Arrows, X, Z / P2 controls: ESDF, Tab, Q


January 23, 2022

wasm4nia was originally created for the WASM-4 Game Jam in January of 2022.

See here for more details and updates.


When playing on keyboard, wasm4nia uses X to confirm and Z to back.

To exit out of a song, you can press all directions and X and Z (meaning all 6 buttons). R also works to restart back to the main menu.

For starting out, I strongly recommend these settings:

Input layout

Chart modes

There are two different chart modes which change how the charts are generated:

4-Key: Meant for playing with four fingers, using two from each hand. For this mode I recommend using the [Z][X][Down][Right] layout.

Index: Meant for playing using only your two index fingers on the arrow keys. For this mode I recommend using the [Left][Down][Up][Right] layout.

Audio offset

If you get a lot of EARLY or LATE when you feel that you are timing correctly, nudge the Audio Offset setting a couple of steps. Note that this setting counts in frames, so you don't need to change it by a lot. -2 works well for me.

License: CC BY-NC-SA