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Bundle to HTML#

When you're ready to distribute your game, you can bundle it into a standalone HTML file with w4 bundle:

w4 bundle cart.wasm --html my-awesome-game.html

The bundled HTML contains no external dependencies, works offline, and can be easily shared on sites like

Bundle to Windows/Mac/Linux executable#

Coming soon!

Publish on

Send a PR on Github to feature your game on the site!

  1. Fork the repository.
  2. Edit /site/carts.js and insert an entry for your game at the top of the list. It should have a unique slug for the URL.
  3. Add your <slug>.wasm (cart) and <slug>.png (160x160 screenshot) to /site/static/carts.
  4. Open a pull request!

You can take a 160x160 screenshot of your game by pressing F9 in the emulator.